How To Add Different Breadcrumbs Background Images in Each Collection Page Using Larine Theme?

June 17, 2022

Modify collection.template.liquid file

{% if section.settings.ena_bg_img %} style="background-image : url({% if section.settings.bg_breadcrumb != blank %}{{section.settings.bg_breadcrumb | img_url : 'master'}} {% elsif collection.image != blank %} {{ collection.image | image_url: width: 2048 }} {% else %} // {% endif %}); background-position : center; background-size: cover" {% else %}style="background-color : {{section.settings.bg_color_breadcrumb}}"{% endif %}>

Be sure you don’t have picked an image in the admin panel

If so, unpick it because you’ll not be able to see a different background images. breadcrumbs background image not picked

Set collection image

collection image

How it works?

If your section don’t have a background image then collection image will show up. If you don’t have a collection image, then you will see a dummy image from the theme.

If you have another theme

If your theme is not Larine. You can try to use this code, but I think it will work not correctly. So, you need to change a dummy image first, because 100% you don’t have a file with this name in your theme. Next you should check a sections name. If they are the same, then alright, if no - you need to change them.


That’s it. Super simple and looks great. Use high resolution images as a collection image and all will be fine. If you have any questions you can send me a message and I’ll try all my best to help you. Also, I have YouTube channel where you can check videos about Shopify(and more). I’m posting videos not so often, because have 2 more channels, but I’m trying.

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Written by Michael Myers - Professional Front-end Developer