Who is moek?

moek is a guy with a passion for coding and learning new technologies to improve his web dev skills.

moek is a dude who wants to change the world

moek is a person who loves what he do

moek is a front-end developer

moek is a professional

moek is a freelancer

Okay, with no joke, moek is me. My name is Michael Myers. I'm 21 years old. I love coding, sport, gaming, travel and a lot of things.

I started my coding journey in 2020. In those times I realized what I want to do in my life - Web Development. I'm in love in front-end and every day I learn new things that are super excited for me.

Tech Stack

Currently, I'm working with Shopify and learning technologies in this major to be able to work with Shopify custom Storefronts. This is why my stack is: HTML, CSS, JS, Shopify, liquid, JSON, jQuery.

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